The following was copied from The Wolverine Trail of 1950.

The Spring Lake "Wolverines" were superbly honored at the first of this school year, when Mrs. S. T. Newman presented the school with a genuine 48 inch Wolverine skin, and revealed a unique story of how she acquired it. Mrs. Newman clerked this summer in Hamilton Stores, Inc., a curio shop at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park. Her greatest desire was to bring home to Spring Lake school, a beautiful wolverine skin, which was on display in the shop and priced at $60.00. One day a passing customer, Mr. L. T. Rettig, who hunts wild game in Africa, and who is manager of "Save-A-Nickel" Stores in Denver, Colorado, learned why Mrs. Newman was so anxious to take home with her the wolverine skin. He appraised it and immediately donated the purchase price. The curio shop sold the skin at wholesale to Mrs. Newman, so in this manner, Hamilton Stores, Inc., also actually participated in the donation to the school. Mr. and Mrs. Newman's additional contribution was a

glass case, in which the mascot fur is on display in the halls of Spring Lake High.